EHM Application

EHM Application

In order to facilitate the timely and accurate set up of your Electronic Home Monitoring program please click on this link to open the EHM application:  Electronic Home Monitoring Request for ServiceBlu+ EHM Tracking device
Please provide all requested information. If you do not know the answer to a particular question on the EHM Application form write “IDK” this will assist us in reviewing your application for EHM services. Please be accurate, check your spelling and make sure the information is complete before submitting

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Weekly EHM Schedule

Upon submission of your EHM Application please take a look at the EHM Schedule page so that you have an idea how it works and what it is that is expected to be turned in every Friday by 10 pm for your weekly EHM Schedule.

We provide EHM services for most Courts in Washington State.

WE DO NOT SERVICE TACOMA MUNICIPAL COURT. If you are required to do monitoring for Tacoma Municipal please contact the court directly at (253) 591-5357.

Most applications are reviewed within 24 business hours.