EHM Schedule

Weekly EHM Schedule

Your weekly schedule for the upcoming week is due by 10 pm every Friday night.

Please fill out the form and submit it.

Name of place you are going and Addresses for your activities are required. If it is a repeating event please click the box next to the day of the week. If your schedule varies you must set a new time for each day. If you are submitting the same schedule for any days of the week you can click the box next to the day, but be sure every day in which you are providing a schedule for has the day checked. For example if you work every Monday – Friday from 6 am to 4 pm at Joe’s Auto body at 123 Main St., then you have to check each box which pertains to that day of the week.

Personal Needs as listed in the agreement are limited to two (2) hours per week. This is a 2 hour block of time once per week.   Personal Needs time is allowed on a case by case basis  and is dependent on what your court allows.  If you have specific needs which are not listed on your court order you must request permission from the Court or your Probation Officer.

In order to add a separate event for the same day you must click on “Add Item” in the red box underneath the grey schedule box ; this goes for all of your repeating events like treatment, AA, counseling, etc. If you are unsure please ask.

Submit your EHM schedule weekly.  Do not submit your EHM Schedule more than once.  Writing your schedule before you submit it will make submission easier.

If there are any emergency changes that need to be made please send them via text to the client communication line which has been provided to you.

Here is a brief video showing you how to submit a schedule.

EHM Schedule Submission – How to