EHM Washington Payment Options

EHM Washington accepts EHM payments in a multitude of ways. Below is an outline of how you may make your EHM payment.

Cash Payment

  • Do NOT mail cash
    • Do NOT drop cash in the office mail slot
    • Cash payments are accepted in person and by appointment ONLY
    • Cash payments are accepted as a Bank Deposit Payment

Money Order Payment

Make Money Orders Payable to:

EHM Washington 

622 Tacoma Ave S #6 Tacoma WA 98402-2319

It is important that the client retain a copy of the Money Order receipt in case it is necessary to re-issue a new Money Order in the event that the original is lost in transit.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Credit card payments may be made in person in the office with cardholder’s valid ID.  A $5.00 or 5%, whichever is greater, credit card transaction fee will be assessed.

Credit Card payment may be made through our 3rd party provider: GovPayNet

Be sure to include client/defendant’s name for reference.

US Bank Deposit Payment

If client chooses to make payment by bank deposit, pre-filled deposit slips will be provided.

  1. Find a US Bank Branch (
  2. Fill out a deposit slip (including client’s name):

Account Name:                 EHM Washington

Account Number:            153566696578

  • Give deposit slip and cash or money order to bank teller, teller will give you a bank deposit receipt.
  • Save all bank deposit receipts and turn them in to EHM Washington at completion of the program.
  • Submit proof of deposit below: