Electronic Home Monitoring Washington State

Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic home monitoring, EHM, House Arrest and Electronic Home Detention all pretty much mean the same thing. EHM is a modern supervision tool which, when granted to a defendant in a criScram Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet. minal  defense proceeding allows for the privilege of going to Work, School and Treatment so long as you submit and abide by a schedule.  This privilege saves the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and allows the defendant to keep their job, take care of their family, and get their life back on track.

Washington State EHM

In Washington State EHM or Electronic Home Monitoring is by private monitoring companies such as EHM Washington as well as some probation departments. EHM technology has changed since the inception of the concept of home detention.  There was a time when a landline (hard wired phone service) was required in the defendant’s residence.  EHM Washington offers the latest EHM technTechnologically Advanced Electronic Home Monitorng Equiupmentology that will work off cell towers, GPS (global positioning satellites), Internet (including Wi-Fi) and even a cell phone. No land line required.

EHM Washington provides electronic monitoring equipment for virtually every type of offense with a few exceptions. 

EHM Washington for all of your monitoring needs

Whether you need alcohol monitoring, alcohol monitoring with electronic home monitoring we can help. If you need electronic home monitoring, GPS monitoring or House Arrest, we got you. Do you need  drug and alcohol monitoring?  EHM Washington can take care of all of your monitoring needs and help you get compliant and stay compliant.  

We provide service for most courts in Washington State. We also provide EHM nationwide through our network of service providers.

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