Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring

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First-class Customer Service is the reason EHM Washington should be your:

1st Stop for  Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring and alcohol monitoring services.

Exceptional Customer Service is the cornerstone of EHM Washington, making it your go-to destination for cost-effective Electronic Home Monitoring and alcohol monitoring solutions. At EHM Washington, we offer comprehensive Alcohol Monitoring options, including a Portable Breathalyzer and the SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring bracelet (Transdermal). Additionally, we provide both EHM and GPS Monitoring services utilizing advanced technology like the BluTag and Scram GPS systems.

The first step is to complete the EHM Application & Estimate form below.
Upon completing this form, you will receive an estimate in your email and on the screen, along with instructions on how to proceed.

As your trusted partner, EHM Washington (Stay Home Monitoring, Offender Monitoring Solutions) is dedicated to addressing all your electronic home monitoring requirements. We are committed to assisting you in achieving court compliance and guiding you toward reclaiming control of your life. The initial step towards this goal involves completing the EHM Application & Estimate form provided below.

After you’ve filled out and submitted the form, you’ll promptly receive an estimate via email and on your screen, complete with detailed instructions on the next steps. It’s important to note that this estimate reflects the information you provided. Following your application submission, one of our agents will reach out to you, typically within 24 business hours, through text or email to further discuss your needs. Should you require immediate assistance, please text 253-201-1501 detailing your requirements (this should be done after you have submitted your information).




















Just a few of our Service areas

Olympia House Arrest, Olympia EHM, Olympia Alcohol Monitoring, Olympia Electronic Home Monitoring. Lacey House Arrest, Lacey EHM, Lacey Alcohol Monitoring, Lacey Electronic Home Monitoring.

Tumwater House Arrest, Tumwater EHM, Tumwater Alcohol Monitoring, Tumwater Electronic Home Monitoring. JBLM House Arrest, JBLM EHM, JBLM Alcohol Monitoring, JBLM Home Monitoring. Fort Lewis House Arrest, Fort Lewis EHM, Fort Lewis Alcohol Monitoring, and Fort Lewis Home Monitoring.

Lakewood House Arrest, Lakewood EHM, Lakewood Alcohol Monitoring, Lakewood Electronic Home Monitoring. DuPont House Arrest, DuPont EHM, DuPont Alcohol Monitoring, DuPont Electric Home Monitoring.

Yelm House Arrest, Yelm EHM, Yelm Alcohol Monitoring, Yelm Electronic Home Monitoring. Tenino House Arrest, Tenino EHM, Tenino Alcohol Monitoring, Tenino Electronic Home Monitoring

. Rainier House Arrest, Rainier EHM, Rainier Alcohol Monitoring, Rainier Electronic Home Monitoring. Rochester House Arrest, Rochester EHM, Rochester Alcohol Monitoring, Rochester Electronic Home Monitoring.

Bucoda House Arrest, Bucoda EHM, Bucoda Alcohol Monitoring, Bucoda Electronic Home Monitoring. Grand Mound House Arrest, Grand Mound EHM, Grand Mound Alcohol Monitoring, Grand Mound Electronic Home Monitoring.

University Place House Arrest, University Place EHM, University Place Alcohol Monitoring, University Place Electronic Home Monitoring, UP House Arrest, UP EHM, UP Alcohol Monitoring, UP Electronic Home Monitoring.

We service these areas too.

Bonney Lake House Arrest, Bonney Lake EHM, Bonney Lake Alcohol Monitoring, Bonney Lake Electronic Home Monitoring. Parkland House Arrest, Parkland EHM, Parkland Alcohol Monitoring, Parkland Electronic Home Monitoring.

Sumner House Arrest, Sumner EHM, Sumner Alcohol Monitoring, Sumner Electronic Home Monitoring. Fife House Arrest, Fife EHM, Fife Alcohol Monitoring, Fife Electronic Home Monitoring. Edgewood House Arrest, Edgewood EHM, Edgewood Alcohol Monitoring, Edgewood Electronic House Arrest.

Federal Way House Arrest, Federal Way EHM, Federal Way Alcohol Monitoring, Federal Way Electronic Home Monitoring. Kent House Arrest, Kent EHM, Kent Alcohol Monitoring, Kent Electronic Home Monitoring, Kent Electric Home Monitoring.

Auburn House Arrest, Auburn EHM, Auburn Alcohol Monitoring, Auburn Electronic Home Monitoring. Gig Harbor House Arrest, Gig Harbor EHM, Gig Harbor Alcohol Monitoring, Gig Harbor Electric Home Monitoring.

Graham House Arrest, Graham EHM, Graham Alcohol Monitoring, Graham Electronic House Arrest. Centralia House Arrest, Centralia EHM, Centralia Alcohol Monitoring, Centralia Electronic House Arrest. Elma House Arrest, Elma EHM, Elma Alcohol Monitoring, Elma Electronic House Arrest.

Montesano House Arrest, Montesano EHM, Montesano Alcohol Monitoring, Montesano Electronic Home Monitoring. Chehalis House Arrest, Chehalis EHM, Chehalis Alcohol Monitoring, Chehalis Electronic Home Monitoring.




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